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VERA is a Virtual Ecological Research Assistant (VERA) web application that enables users to construct conceptual models of ecological systems, and run interactive simulations of these models. This allows users to explore ecological systems and perform “what if” experiments to either explain an existing ecological system or attempt to predict the outcome of future changes to one.

This site has been tested with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Windows, macOS and Linux. Other browsers are known to have issues with some of the more advanced features in VERA. Known common culprits are Opera, Microsoft IE/Edge, and Apple Safari. We are working on expanding our browser coverage, but in the meantime, Chrome and Firefox are the only ones officially, fully supported.

The Design & Intelligence Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology cordially invites you to be a Beta Release User of our new VERA application.

To join as a Beta Release User, simply sign up for an account and help provide feedback on your experience!

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  • National Science Foundation
Funding for the original VERA project was provided by NSF Grant #1636848 BD Spokes: SPOKE: SOUTH: Collaborative: Using Big Data for Environmental Sustainability: Big Data + AI Technology = Accessible, Usable, Useful Knowledge!